Winter and Offseason Boating

A quite spot to drop anchor and drift for a few days while on the hook. A municipal marina at the cities edge with lots of people and a great nightlife. A cozy little whole in the wall with couple docks and a mom and pop general store and maybe a fuel dock. Whether it’s finding the right amenities like restaurants, pools or a winery nearby, or a neat spot off the beaten path finding new places to boat is all part of the adventure of boating.

However when the weather turns cold many boaters stop taking vacations on their boats and are more concerned with winterizing and protecting from freezes. While as boaters we must to pay close attention to frigid conditions and the affects it might have on the boats there is no reason leave your boat in the slip for months at a time.

Pack the heavy blankets, get the mugs and the hot chocolate, and go boating. That same place that you visit in the summer and love, but are often crowed and bustling with activity are often quite a different feel in the late fall, the winter and spring.

Frosty mornings with spectacular views of snow capped mountains and the aroma of that fresh pot of coffee are a great way to start of the days. Re-explore the small towns that we enjoy so much, they are often practically empty except for the locals. Take your time and go through the little shops, find a nice hot lunch. In the evenings that dark comes sooner and the quiet sets in uninterrupted by the fervor and celebration that come with longer warmer days of summer.

The marine parks are all yours to bathe in the peace and quiet, hike the empty trails and explore on your own.

Pack the coats and the gloves and get out on the water and enjoy a few weekends away from home and experience winter boating.

Report back and let us know about your winter boating.